Thousand years ago Rangamati was the capital of Mog Kingdoms of Arakan. King of Tripura Jhujaroofa defeated the Mog dynasty and captured Rangamati. He established his new capital at Udaipur in the middle of year 590 AD. In the year 1567 the Chief of Army of the king was Gopi Prasad . He killed the king Ananta Manikya and became the king of Tripura himself. Gopinath changed his name to Uday Manikya. He also changed the name of the capital from Rangamati to Udaipur. In the year 1760 A.D.Maharaja Krishna Manikya shifted the state capital from Udaipur to Old Agartala . Old Agartala is also called Puran Haveli. Udaipur was the capital of Tripura for 1170 years. King Jhujaroofa was the first king to rule from Udaipur and Krishana Manikya was the last king .Udaipur is the oldest capital of Tripura. A total of 59 Nos. King of Tripura ruled from Rangamati or Udaipur. In the year 1883 A.D for administrative facility, Maharaja Birchandra Manikya, created Udaipur Division with Southern parts of the State. In the year 1901 A.D Udaipur Division Office was set up by the King at the North bank of Jagannath Dighi. First Public library was established at Udaipur in the year 1902 AD .Udaipur is the most famous town of the state. It a is historical town. It has great attraction to tourists for its temples, lakes and old palaces. Old damage Palace is just half kilometer away from the Udaipur Town. In the year 1949, after independent, Tripura joined with Indian territory and Udaipur became a Sub-Division. In 1st September 1970, Udaipur become the head-quarter of South Tripura District. In the year 1996 the State Government has declared Udaipur as Tourism Capital of Tripura. In the year 2012 AD Undivided South Tripura has been divided into two new District namely- Gomati District and South Tripura. The head quarter of South Tripura District is Belonia town and Head quarter of Gomati District is Udaipur. Tourist attraction of Udaipur includes Tripurasundari temple, Bhubaneswari temple, Gunabati Mandir, Shiva temple, Jagannath temple, Gopinath temple, Badarsahed Bari, Dutia Mandir all stands here as a witness of the ancient cultural heritage of Hindu & Muslims. Besides, lakes like Amarsagar, Jagannath Dighi, Dhanisagar (Dhanya Sagar) & Mahadeb Dighi (Bijoy Sagar) are there to add more beauty & splender to the city of lakes & temples. Tepania Eco Park, Satsangha Ashram, Ram Thakur Ashram, Ramkrishna Ashram, Ajachak Ashram, Loknath Ashram & Town Masjid are also attraction for the people. Udaipur may not be the capital of Tripura now but it is no less than the capital of the state.