Organisation Chart

Name of Officers, O/O the DM & Collector, Gomati District, Udaipur.
Sl no. Name Designation Assigned Section
1 Sri Subrata Majumder (TCS Gr-I) Senior Dy. Magistrate

i. Establishment Section (as HOO) 

ii.Accounts Section (as DDO)

iii. O/C, Nazarat Section,

iv. Cash section (as DDO)

v. Small Savings Section, (as HOO & DDO)


2 Smt. Sumitra Debnath (TCS Gr-I) Senior Deputy collector

i. DTO,

ii. O/C, Development Section

iii. O/C, MGNREGA Section

3 Sri Kirit Mohan Sarkar (TCS Gr-I) Deputy Collector

i. O/C, Election Section

ii. LAO

iii. Checking of all attendance Register of the staff of this Collectorate.

4 Smt. Nivedita Bhaumik (TCS Gr-II) Deputy Collector i. District Welfare Officer
5 Sri Kalidas Ghosh (TCS Gr-II) Deputy Collector

i. O/C, Judicial Section

ii. O/C, Receipt & Despatch Section

6 Sri Chandra Sekhar Chattopadhay (TCS Gr-II) Deputy Collector

i. B/O, ESTT, Section

ii. O/C, General Section Including Nodal Officer of PG Portal/Public grievance, PM Care portal, CP- GRAM & CM Helpline & all other online/offline complaint related issues.

iii. 1(0ne) Stop Centre 

7 Sri Rakesh Choudhury (TCS Gr-II) Deputy Collector

i. Treasury Officer



8 Sri Gaya Debbarma (TCS Gr-II) Deputy Collector

i. O/C, General Section 

ii. O/C, Matabari Temple

iii. O/C, Circuit House

iv. Protocol Officer

9 Sri Aniruddha Bhattacharya (TCS Gr-II) Deputy Collector

i. District Panchayet Officer

ii. Secretary, Gomati Zila Parishad

iii. O/C, PRTI

iv. O/C, CRC & Food Section

10 Sri Jayanta Majumder (TCS Gr-II) Deputy Collector

i. O/C, DDM Section

ii. O/C, Revenue Section

iii. O/C, IT