About District

The Gomati District with it’s headquarter at Udaipur was created in the year 2012. Udaipur is popularly known as the city of lakes and was the capital of Tripura till 1760 A.D. The city is famous for its Mata Tripura Sundari Temple which is situated about 3 km away from Udaipur at Matabari. The temple is one of the 51 Mahapithasthans of India. The Gomati figures prominently in Tripura’s indigenous folklore, culture, religious rites and ritual so much so that tribal people perform posthumous rites dedicated to their departed near and dear ones on the bank of the river Gomati in the conviction that ablution with the consecrated water of the sacred river will pave the way for ascendance to heaven of their departed dear ones. As part of the administrative reorganisation effected in October last year the Gomati district comprising Udaipur, Amarpur and newly created Karbook subdivisions was created as a truncated version of the erstwhile South Tripura district.Topographically,the Gomati district is marked by lush green and fertile Gomati valleys and the towering Debtam ura hill range which straddles Udaipur and Amarpur subdivisions of the district with its exquisite sculptural works carved on panels of the hills.