Amarpur is an idyllic quiet picnic spot, on the banks of Amarsagar, the 16th century artificial lake. The town stands on the ruins of a palace. On the southern bank lies a temple dedicated to the eight headed goddess, Mangalchandi. A fair is held during the Basant Panchami (February).

Amarsagar & Fatiksagar:

These are two beautiful lake with historical importance.

Chobimura -Place of Interest A water area with green hills and pics of gods in the hills

Dumboor Lake -Place of Interest A water area of 41 km2. with 48 islands surrounded by luxuriant green vegetation. Water sports facilities are additional attractions. There is a Hydel Project near the lake from where the River Gomati originates and this is called Tirthamukh where on 14 January every year famous ‘Pous Sankranti Mela’ takes place. The lake is the confluence of rivers Raima and Sarma. Various species of migratory birds are noticed in the winter and it has rich reservoir of natural and cultured fishes.


While reaching Amarpur from Udaipur, both side of the road are lined with deep forest. This part of the land has much natural beauty and a peaceful atmosphere.

  • Dumboor lake, Amarpur
  • chobimura, Amarpur
  • Chobimura, Amarpur
  • Dumboor lake, Tirthamukh, Amarpur
  • On the way to chobimura through Gomati River
  • durga idol, chobimura

How to Reach:

By Air

There is no direct air connectivity to Amarpur, one can use Agartala airport and then by road he/she can reach Amarpur

By Train

There is no direct train connectivity to Amarpur, Udaipur Railway station is nearer to this place

By Road

Bus and other small vehicles start at regular interval from Nagerjala Bus Stand, Agartala